Guild Wars 2, Overwatch, and more


(Not the best screenshot in terms of quality)

Hi friends and readers! It’s been a long time since I have updated this site where I share my adventures with all of y’all (initially only about MapleStory).

My A’Level Exams are a week away, so I’ll be back with more content on Guild Wars 2, Overwatch, and MapleRoyals (Games that I’ve actually played for awhile now since their beta days) after the exams are over. (Although I’m not focused on A lvls currently but i should try to be :P)

Till then, see ya!

ArcheAge Close Beta Event 4 (22/8 to 27/8)

The upcoming ArcheAge, developed by Trion, is in its fourth close beta stage at the moment and I was lucky enough to be invited to play in it.

Currently I am a lvl 10+ Blighter (ArcheAge has 120 classes, due to a mix and match of 3/10 skill sets. Blighter is Battlerage + Defense + Shadowplay) , and so far, the game has been pretty enjoyable, even without many of the late game components in play yet.

ArcheAge’s only weakness is in its combat play, which is very similar to Tera, tab targeting. Unlike GW2 or many other new MMORPGS which allow a dynamic combat system, ArcheAge sticks with the classic tab-target, which makes combat very bland. However, they do make up for it with a huge range of crafting and skills to learn, which are called ”Proficiency“.

Unlike other games where crafting and gathering is a chore, and a boring experience, ArcheAge boasts a dynamic experience in this field. A good example would be fishing. Fishes do not randomly show up in your inventory when you fish. Instead, you have to play a mini game to keep the fish hooked onto your rod, and then after catching the fish successfully, you have to place it on your boat. If you have a small boat, then you probably are unable to catch a lot of fishes. We don’t really see these ‘real world’ elements in most MMORPGS, but ArcheAge has seem to incorporate them very well. Travelling is also very dynamic in the game, where there are cars, carriers, gliders, and mounts, available for usage.

Here are a couple of screenshots of me gliding down from the top of the early game mine!



So what are your opinions on ArcheAge? Boring? Exciting? Feel free to tell me in the comment section!

Legacy and Legion on 网通三区- 披星戴月 Update

Legacy is still maxed out at 30/30, while Legion is filling up very quickly with only about 8 slots left, 22/30. PM Sicachu/Kyogorie for an invite to Legion!

EDIT : Legion is maxed as of 09/12/13.




Oh yes, I’ve also made a Force Master named Rael,


And a Lyn Blade Master, Meryl!


Are you guys enjoying the game?

How to get your own White Ghost Outfit on Blade and Soul!

First off, what is the White Ghost Costume?

white ghost costume

Read on to find out !!! 

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Creation of Legion Guild on Blade and Soul CN 网通三区- 披星戴月

Heyyyy guys. Our server has been really popular and Legacy (red fac) is officially maxed out at 30. We are trying hard to expand our guild atm but we will create a second guild called Legion (red fac).
For Legion, please PM Sicachu or Kyogorie for an invite. If they are offline, do add them to your buddy list first.

Also, on 网通三区-  披星戴月, my friend Emonium, who got pushed into the blue faction at one point of time, created a guild called Asriel there. Feel free to pm him for an invite if you are in blue faction.


Blade and Soul CN Freebies Guide

Just some screenshots of Hyeri and her new black angel costume! (Too bad its only for 1 day)

You can grab yours at for free! BnS CN are giving away tons of freebies and all you have to do is click!

There are many different events happening now. Collect everything from all of the tabs! >

bns cn blog 1

Click on the RED boxes, (most are red) , which states Go+ or Receive or some chinese character alone, and select your server and character to receive your freebies instantly!

bns cn collect

 bns cn go+



Legacy Guild in 网通三区- 披星戴月 Blade and Soul CN Server

I’m finally 20 in the game and I’ve made a guild called Legacy (RED FACTION) with my friends in the 网通–  披星戴月 server. 

It’s kinda like a spinoff from Freedom (Steparu’s guild). Those frustrated with the lag and queues on the main server can hop here as alternate or main.
Since BnS CN is blocking character creation on the main server (Freedom), this server would be a good option for new players.
Join us today!


PM Hyu , Hyeri, XaNx, FallenSin, Zerra, Skyella (as of now) for an invite!

As of now (3/12/2013, 3:34PM GMT+8) , we have about 18/30 members.