MapleStory “Legend” Patch!

Today, Nexon held a press conference to inform us about the summer update in KMS, which is the Legends patch. This patch includes the release of the Cannon Shooter, Mercedes, and Demon Slayer jobs.


The Cannon Shooter is a new adventure job under the pirate class, which uses the hand cannon as a weapon. Most of you would have already read about this job. The Cannon Shooter was on his way to Victoria Island on a boat but the boat was destroyed by a Balrog. He then swam to the Pirate Island where he learned how to hold a hand cannon.

Mercedes, the archer hero, uses the dual bowgun. She was cursed frozen in ice by the black magician , similiar to Aran. When she was awake, she has forgetten her memory. She is the queen of elves, the first maple character to be a non-human.

She also uses the Unicorn mount! Mercedes isn’t gender locked, just like the other heroes. She resides in the new town called Eyurel.


Demon Slayer, the warrior class of the resistance, wields a one handed axe/mace and a force shield. He was the black magician’s right hand man, however, he was forced to kill his own brother. A few hundreds of years later, the Demon Slayer found Edelstein and joins the Resistance. He is half demon and half human, thus having tremendous power.

Demon Slayer has a glow on his hand, and as he levels up, the colour of the glow would change. This glow is hia force shield. The Demon Force bar would replace the MP bar for this class. Demon Force can be charged through hitting monsters.

Demon Slayer has wings at level 70 and to be upgraded at level 120, and these wings would be their “mount”.

The cannon shooter would be released on 7/7, Mercedes on 7/21 and Demon Slayer on 8/4 , all in KMS.


I am pretty excited about this, but it would probably take 1-2 years to arrive here in MapleSEA. I can’t wait for this patch! Can you?

Special thanks to orange mushroom wordpress for pictures and information.
To view his post, click here. Thanks for reading!


29/6/11 Cash Shop Updates

There will be a Cash Shop Update from 9am to 10am tomorrow. Game service will not be affected.

The update includes:
-[Top] Little Red Riding Hood  20110628-081245.jpg
-[Overall] Little Red Riding Hood’s dress  20110628-081447.jpg
-[Shoes] Little Red Riding Hood’s shoes  20110628-082149.jpg
-[Package] Little Red Riding Hood Package  20110628-082253.jpg

Removal of
-1K @cash cash equipments
-[ETC] Experimental A Coupon
-[ETC] Pendant Slot Expansion Coupon: 30 Days

This is a very minor cash shop update so I doubt that there will be server latency. Experimental A would be removed but surely it would be back some weeks after mechanics is released, along with the Mechanics Hair. It might be released with Mechanics but I feel that that is too soon, since they just ended the event. I hope that the pendant slot expansion could come back with a permanent deadline so we could increase our damage by wearing another MoN/HT/CHT neck.

Thanks for reading 🙂

23/6/11 New Gachapon Equipments Notes

New Gachapon equipments are released in MapleSEA today. These includes the other source accessories which are the necklaces and the belts.


I feel that a good witch belt and a Mark of Naricain or Horntail/Chaos horntail would already be able to top all of these items, so I would not try to get these new Gachapon equipments. However, the Imperial source equipments has better potential stats being above lvl 120. So its up to you.

Thanks for reading , and happy mapling!

6th Anniversary Gachapon Stamp Event & Thank You Maplers Event 5

In the mini patch today, the 6th Annivesary Gachapon Stamp Event was released, as well as the package of cash items for the Thank You Maplers Event 5.

For the Thank You Maplers Event 5, 66% of Maplers with at least a lvl 50 character will receive the package. My main account did not obtain this package. I obtained it in my 2 sub accounts. However, these 2 account did not login 6 times between March and June. I have not login into them for a long time, but i still obtained the box, so I think that the 2nd requirement can be disregarded. The Scissors of Karma is pretty useless since its not in my main account but I probably would get the ludibrum cracked glasses and cut it over to my main.

For the Gachapon Stamp Event, the NPC to change item is the Mushroom Statue at the Mushroom Shrine.

This are some screenshots that I took.

The items that could be traded are shown in the screenshot.

I do not have much idea of the Silver Wolf, and Miraculous Chaos Scroll 60%.

All of these items stated are chairs (i think Silver Wolf is a chair) except for the Firecrackers and Onyx Apple and Chaos Scroll.

Today, MapleSEA released the notes on the Gachapon Stamp Event. These is the image of the items :


These event would end on the 14th of July. You would need one free etc slot to be able to receive the stamp when you use the Gachapon.

If you have any questions regarding MapleSEA, please leave it in the comment section. I will try my best to reply it 🙂 thanks for reading

MSEA v1.05.2 ~ Thank You Maplers Event 5

There will be a server maintenance later on to patch MapleSEA from v1.05.1 to v1.05.2. This minor patch includes updates on preventing hacking programs being used in game, removal of Pink Bean Gachapon Event, start of 6th Anniversary Gachapon Stamps Event, and also the implementation of MapleSEA 6th Anniversary Giveaway Package, which is the fifth Thank You Maplers Event.

Finally the GMs are doing something about the hacking issues. Hackers are taking up most of our training spots and thus, we are unable to level up. Alot of hackers were banned, but I don’t see a point to that, since the hackers can create more characters and continue hacking. Preventing the hacking program is the smarter thing to do, which is what they will be updating on in the next patch.

After the release of the potential system and miracle cubes, Gachapon had a drop in sales. But the Pink Bean Gachapon Event had attracted people to buy the tickets again as many wanted to acquire the Timeless equipments. It was a very successful event in my opinion. I hope that MapleSEA will bring it back someday.

Basically, the 6th anniversary Gachapon Stamp event is still a mystery to me as the notes for this event has not been released yet, so I do not know what are the rewards.

For the Thank You Maplers Event Part 5/6, MapleSEA is giving out the 6th MapleSEA Anniversary Giveaway Package. The package contains the following:
1x Miracle Cube
3x Gachapon Ticket
1x Regular Shop Permit
1x Fishing Assistant
1x Fishing Bait Can
1x Vicious Hammer
1x Scissors of Karma
1x Owl of Minerva

This set of items would be given to only 66% of Maplers which would be selected randomly with these following two requirements:
1.Maple account contains at least ONE level 50 and above character irregardless which world of the respective Gateway.
2.Maple account was login at least 6 times between 22nd March to 21st June 2011. (of the respective Gateway by any character in the the same Gateway)

This box would be obtained if you were to enter the cash shop between 22nd June 2011 after minor patch to 1200hrs, 24th June 2011.

More information can be found at:

I will update more on the giveaway package and Gachapon stamp event after the patch is released. Thank you for reading!

Resistance Secret Box and Weapon Box (Mechanics)

Many people have been asking, what does the resistance secret box contain? 

Well, it contains the lvl 50 mechanics  equipments!

The one on the very left is the Copper Transistor. It’s stats are : WEAPON DEF+ 20  DEX+1  SLOT:3

In the middle would be the Copper Machine Arm. It’s stats are: WEAPON DEF+ 20  STR+1  SLOT:3

The last one on the right is the Copper Engine. It’s stats are: WEAPON DEF+20 WEAPON ATK+1  SLOT:3

The resistance secret box can only be opened in your Mechanics. So you have to wait for the mechanics patch to obtain these equipments from the box.


The other thing would be the Resistance weapon box. As you would have noticed, the expiry date of it is the same as the resistance secret box, while the capsule has a quicker expiry date, thus telling us that it would contain the Revolution Gun if we were to open it in our mechanic.

It has weapon attack 33 and 7 slots to upgrade it, just like normal weapons do. It can be levelled up just like the other revolution weapons. I guess the maximum level would be the same, which is 9. When levelled to 9, this gun would be around 5X weapon attack.

Into the new world!

Hi everyone! You can call me Nomi. I will be posting about the latest updates and patches of MapleSEA to provide my fellow maplers with information and to help them develop better understanding of the latest content in this MapleStory server.

As everyone would know, Spadow had recently pulled the plug on his blog. It is a huge blow to all Maplers out there as all of us lost a reliable and rich source of information. There will definitely be people out there to take over Spadow, and Spadow has surely set a level for all maple bloggers to beat. If you would like to know the latest KMS/KMST updates, you can always check southperry or basilmarket. This blog would be for MapleSEA contents only.
However, I will post about KMS/KMST once in awhile.

Thank you for reading this and I hope my posts in the future would be useful.