Resistance Secret Box and Weapon Box (Mechanics)

Many people have been asking, what does the resistance secret box contain? 

Well, it contains the lvl 50 mechanics  equipments!

The one on the very left is the Copper Transistor. It’s stats are : WEAPON DEF+ 20  DEX+1  SLOT:3

In the middle would be the Copper Machine Arm. It’s stats are: WEAPON DEF+ 20  STR+1  SLOT:3

The last one on the right is the Copper Engine. It’s stats are: WEAPON DEF+20 WEAPON ATK+1  SLOT:3

The resistance secret box can only be opened in your Mechanics. So you have to wait for the mechanics patch to obtain these equipments from the box.


The other thing would be the Resistance weapon box. As you would have noticed, the expiry date of it is the same as the resistance secret box, while the capsule has a quicker expiry date, thus telling us that it would contain the Revolution Gun if we were to open it in our mechanic.

It has weapon attack 33 and 7 slots to upgrade it, just like normal weapons do. It can be levelled up just like the other revolution weapons. I guess the maximum level would be the same, which is 9. When levelled to 9, this gun would be around 5X weapon attack.


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One Response to Resistance Secret Box and Weapon Box (Mechanics)

  1. Joe says:

    Hey thanks. I was finding out what the secret box contained.

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