MSEA v1.05.2 ~ Thank You Maplers Event 5

There will be a server maintenance later on to patch MapleSEA from v1.05.1 to v1.05.2. This minor patch includes updates on preventing hacking programs being used in game, removal of Pink Bean Gachapon Event, start of 6th Anniversary Gachapon Stamps Event, and also the implementation of MapleSEA 6th Anniversary Giveaway Package, which is the fifth Thank You Maplers Event.

Finally the GMs are doing something about the hacking issues. Hackers are taking up most of our training spots and thus, we are unable to level up. Alot of hackers were banned, but I don’t see a point to that, since the hackers can create more characters and continue hacking. Preventing the hacking program is the smarter thing to do, which is what they will be updating on in the next patch.

After the release of the potential system and miracle cubes, Gachapon had a drop in sales. But the Pink Bean Gachapon Event had attracted people to buy the tickets again as many wanted to acquire the Timeless equipments. It was a very successful event in my opinion. I hope that MapleSEA will bring it back someday.

Basically, the 6th anniversary Gachapon Stamp event is still a mystery to me as the notes for this event has not been released yet, so I do not know what are the rewards.

For the Thank You Maplers Event Part 5/6, MapleSEA is giving out the 6th MapleSEA Anniversary Giveaway Package. The package contains the following:
1x Miracle Cube
3x Gachapon Ticket
1x Regular Shop Permit
1x Fishing Assistant
1x Fishing Bait Can
1x Vicious Hammer
1x Scissors of Karma
1x Owl of Minerva

This set of items would be given to only 66% of Maplers which would be selected randomly with these following two requirements:
1.Maple account contains at least ONE level 50 and above character irregardless which world of the respective Gateway.
2.Maple account was login at least 6 times between 22nd March to 21st June 2011. (of the respective Gateway by any character in the the same Gateway)

This box would be obtained if you were to enter the cash shop between 22nd June 2011 after minor patch to 1200hrs, 24th June 2011.

More information can be found at:

I will update more on the giveaway package and Gachapon stamp event after the patch is released. Thank you for reading!


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