MapleStory “Legend” Patch!

Today, Nexon held a press conference to inform us about the summer update in KMS, which is the Legends patch. This patch includes the release of the Cannon Shooter, Mercedes, and Demon Slayer jobs.


The Cannon Shooter is a new adventure job under the pirate class, which uses the hand cannon as a weapon. Most of you would have already read about this job. The Cannon Shooter was on his way to Victoria Island on a boat but the boat was destroyed by a Balrog. He then swam to the Pirate Island where he learned how to hold a hand cannon.

Mercedes, the archer hero, uses the dual bowgun. She was cursed frozen in ice by the black magician , similiar to Aran. When she was awake, she has forgetten her memory. She is the queen of elves, the first maple character to be a non-human.

She also uses the Unicorn mount! Mercedes isn’t gender locked, just like the other heroes. She resides in the new town called Eyurel.


Demon Slayer, the warrior class of the resistance, wields a one handed axe/mace and a force shield. He was the black magician’s right hand man, however, he was forced to kill his own brother. A few hundreds of years later, the Demon Slayer found Edelstein and joins the Resistance. He is half demon and half human, thus having tremendous power.

Demon Slayer has a glow on his hand, and as he levels up, the colour of the glow would change. This glow is hia force shield. The Demon Force bar would replace the MP bar for this class. Demon Force can be charged through hitting monsters.

Demon Slayer has wings at level 70 and to be upgraded at level 120, and these wings would be their “mount”.

The cannon shooter would be released on 7/7, Mercedes on 7/21 and Demon Slayer on 8/4 , all in KMS.


I am pretty excited about this, but it would probably take 1-2 years to arrive here in MapleSEA. I can’t wait for this patch! Can you?

Special thanks to orange mushroom wordpress for pictures and information.
To view his post, click here. Thanks for reading!


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17 Responses to MapleStory “Legend” Patch!

  1. Average Joe says:

    Demon Slayer looks like he is wielding a wand.

  2. Shay says:


  3. Ncik says:

    yeah they look cool but it wont be until the end of the year till they come out and the demon slayer will take longer by about a month

    and gms still has stupid chaos patch to get through

    oh well at least we get pvp

  4. Kelly Z says:

    For KMS, players playing the Mercedes job didn’t get the unicorn mounts. Why is that? o_o

  5. Ilikehy says:

    Demon slayer one hand or two handed?

  6. raynor says:

    im a singaporean and i went to my account on 19 december but there were no legend characters

  7. raynor says:

    pls help me i really want to play legend

  8. mech82461562 says:

    ya lor, i think next year will be either legend or justice.

  9. prowildhunter says:

    for maplesea confirm is july?not may?

  10. Anonymous says:

    I made a Cannoneer but I deleted it because someone accidentally confused me, and I need to get my Cannoneer back, since there’s little hope I can go from Pirate to Cannoneer(despite the fact I have no Cannoneer skills, and if I try to shoot the cannon, I only swing it.) Plz help?

  11. Anonymous says:

    ^^^SAME PERSON^^^

    So basically, I need to know how I can make TWO MapleStory Legends characters on ONE account. And getting KMS is one of my options, having seeing that I THINK they didnt take them down yet(unlike Global, I think.)

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