MapleStory Demon Slayer Skills Preview

This is the skill list for the new job, Demon Slayer.

Beginner Job

  •  Devil Wings: You can move quickly using the Devil Wings. (Riding Skill)
    150% speed and 120% jump.
  •   Devil Wings: You can move quickly using the Devil Wings. (Riding Skill)
    190% speed and 120% jump.
  •  Demon Jump: The Devil Wings can be used in a variety of jump skills (high jump, double jump, glide).
    High jump: jump + ↑↑, double jump: jump + →→ or ←←, glide: jump while in the air
  •  Demon’s Fury: When attacking bosses, your inner rage increases your damage and additional Force is absorbed. (Link Skill)
    10% boss damage and an additional 5 Force is replenished.
  •  Demonic Blood: Demons are born with a strong will and overwhelming charisma.
    Gives you level 20 Will and Charisma. You have a 100% stance effect.
  •  Death Cut: There is a chance of instant death when attacking an enemy. When the target is instantly killed, you replenish HP and Force.
    5% chance of instant death when attacking. If the effect activates, replenish 5% HP and 5 Force.
Click past the cut to see the skills that the Demon Slayer is armed with! (ignore this if you are in the full post)

kMSt Demon Slayer Release

Yesterday, the Demon Slayer class has officially been release on the kMSt server. There is a new set of weapon called the scepters but they are actually 1 handed BWs, so basically, you can use blunt weapon scrolls on them. Scepters have a faster attacking speed compared to the blunt weapons, so it would be a better choice to use a scepter. Demon Slayer is also able to use one handed BWs and one handed axes as well. Also, Force Shields are all untradeble. It can be levelled up, but you are unable scroll them.

I will post the demon slayer skill list once my computer is back from repair, and also some pictures of the weapons and items of demon slayer. Till then, happy mapling 😀

MapleSEA Permanent Cash Decorative Item Sales Update

MapleSEA’s permanent cash item event has been extended, with a whole new set of 40 decorative cash items! This event would last from the 20th of July til the 3rd of August. The items that they are selling are definitely looking better and better!


There is also an cash shop update with new cash shop items and removal of some.

Cash Shop Update Includes

New Cash Items!
• [Overall] Pirate Suit
• [Hat] Pirate Hat
• [Weapon] Impulsive Weapon
• [Weapon] Throwing Eggs (Shooting Star)
• [Others] Mu Mu the Traveling Merchant (Premium)

Removal from Cash Shop
• [ETC] 50% up EXP Coupon (1Day) Available in Cash Shop until 20th July 2011 Only
• [ETC] Gold Master Key Available in Cash Shop until 20th July 2011 Only
• [ETC] Silver Master Key Available in Cash Shop until 20th July 2011 Only

There will be a cash shop update tomorrow from 9am to 4pm. Unfortunately, game service would not be available as there is also a server maintenance.

MapleStory English School Party Quiz Guide

Many people are confused with the new English School Party Quiz event released in MapleSEA, so I am posting this to help you and other fellow maplers. I will be explaining about all the modes, beginner, intermediate and advance.


In the beginner mode, it is extremely simple, but yet confusing to players who are new to this event.

You just have to look at the alphabet mentioned in the question and look for it IN THE ENGLISH SCHOOL PARTY QUIZ MAP itself, and see what does it look like, colour, or what it represents.

In this picture, the question is what color is the Alphabet G. Look for it in that map and see its colour. The answer is gold. So find all the letters and talk to NPC David.

Click the link to continue reading 🙂

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MapleSEA v1.06 ~ Arrival of Reinforcement


Today, the last part of the Big Bang patch is released, the Mechanics. Link to the official MapleSEA post on this is at the bottom of this post.

It has the same way to create the character as battle Mage and wild hunter. But instead, you will speak to your own job instructor, Checky, once you are a level 10 Citizen.


There is a mechanic support event, from 6 to 31 July. It is the same as the battle Mage and wild hunter event, which gives you the capsules and ring, just that you will be using the

There are many repeated events. The evolving ring event is back! From the 6th to 26th of July. This will be the same exact event, so if you already have the evolving ring in your character, you are unable to get another one in that character.

Grendel’s chair event is back, from the 15th to 24th July. But however, you will be able to only choose one chair out of the two at the end of the 10 days.

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MSEA 15 hours to Mechanics

Currently, MapleSEA have not released the patch notes for mechanics. All we know is that the patch would be held later on from 9am to 3pm, with a high chance that it might extend. I will update on this as soon as possible, most probably at night, as I am quite busy lately with school and CCA. Sorry for the delay, and to all MSEA players, enjoy the new job!

1,000 hits in 13 days

I would like to say thank you to whoever that had visited my blog over the past 13 days since I started. Without all of you, I would not have gotten 1000 views so quickly. Although 1000 views might not be much, but I feel that it is a personal achievement. So thanks to all of you once again.

I will continue to do my best in updating you about the maple world, so do look forward! Thanks and happy mapling!