MapleSEA v1.06 ~ Arrival of Reinforcement


Today, the last part of the Big Bang patch is released, the Mechanics. Link to the official MapleSEA post on this is at the bottom of this post.

It has the same way to create the character as battle Mage and wild hunter. But instead, you will speak to your own job instructor, Checky, once you are a level 10 Citizen.


There is a mechanic support event, from 6 to 31 July. It is the same as the battle Mage and wild hunter event, which gives you the capsules and ring, just that you will be using the

There are many repeated events. The evolving ring event is back! From the 6th to 26th of July. This will be the same exact event, so if you already have the evolving ring in your character, you are unable to get another one in that character.

Grendel’s chair event is back, from the 15th to 24th July. But however, you will be able to only choose one chair out of the two at the end of the 10 days.

Click the link to continue reading 🙂

Monster box event is also back! From the 6th to the 20th of July. This event had appeared months ago and finally it is back! Just to refresh your memory :

“Your chance to obtain the Timeless weapon you have been yearning for as well as other equipment with 1 or 2 additional upgrade slots is coming real soon!
Stand a chance to get RARE items like Chairs, Reverse Weapons and Timeless Weapons from these Boxes! There will be 2 types of Boxes!
Gold Monster Box
• Dropped by Singapore & Malaysia map monsters at different rates but you can surely find this in ALL Boss monsters at 100% rate!
• You can get in-game items, including Timeless equipments!
• All items come with a chance of having 1 or 2 additional upgrading slots available.
Silver Monster Box
• Dropped by all other level 20 and above monsters.
• You can get in-game items, including Reverse equipments!
• All items come with a chance of having 1 or 2 additional upgrading slots available.
To open the Gold Monster Boxes and Silver Monster Boxes, you would have to use the Gold and Silver Master Keys to open up the respective boxes.


Grab this great opportunity to grab your hands on them before this event ends!”


There is a new event called “Sheep Ranch”.
“Event is available to character level 15 and above.

Talk to NPC Cassandra to enter Ranch Entrance.

Talk to NPC Owner of Pasture to choose which mode you wise to enter. 5 or 10 members.

For 5 members mode, 1 will become wolf. 4 will become sheep.

For 10 members mode, 3 will become wolves. 7 will become sheep.

Sheep will need to run away from wolves and avoid losing all their Fine Wool within the time limit to win.

Wolves will need to attack the sheep with Steal Sheep Wool (bomb) until they lose all their Fine Wool to win.

Both Sheep and Wolves will be able to receive special items available only at the ranch.

Maplers are advised to have 5 USE slots available to receive the special items.

Maplers are advised set these items in key setting while playing the game.

By gathering more Fine Wool (for wolf) or Shepherd Boy’s Lunch (for sheep) during game play, you will earn more EXP upon victory!

Try to find Sheep Ranch Golden ? Egg inside the boxes of the ranch that will give out random rewards including Fairy’s Pendant (24 hours).”

I have not entered MapleStory yet due to my schedule so I have not tried this game yet. I think that this game is similar to the Ariant Colosseum, where you bomb your opponents to rip then off their jewels. More details will be given after I have played it.


A new event called “The English School Party Quiz” is also released. It will last from the 6th to the 31st of July.

“Do you wish to test how well is your command of English?
Look for Dr. P to find out more about this fun and rewarding event!
Talk to NPC Dr. P to enter English School.
Quiz Party Quest for 1 to 5 members.
Collect all the required alphabets within 5 minutes time limit and pass them to party leader.
Party leader will pass all the required alphabets to NPC David.
Once the question is answer correctly, please redeem your reward within the time limit. Each session will end when you answered ONE question correctly.
You will receive a random reward and a Obedient Child Medal when you answer the question correctly.
Collect Obedient Child Medal in units of 10 and you will be able to exchange unique rewards from NPC Dr. P as stated below.”

A great event, but I am pretty upset that the marks are all temporary, lasting for 30 days only.

The Permanent cash item event is also back! It will last from the 6th to the 20th of July. Approximately 40 permanent cash decorative items will be sold in the cash shop. They will obviously cost a little more since they are permanent.


Boss monsters would be rebalanced with stronger attack and defense due to game balancing as well in this patch. Looks like I might not be able to tank some bosses anymore 😛

There is a expedition mode for Crimson woodkeep party quest now. The Mark of Naricain will be changed into a one of a kind item, which means you can only have one in each of your character. However, that will only apply to the Mark of Naricain obtained after the Mechanics patch. So your current Mark of Naricain will only be labelled as Untradeble.

Sales of lie detector will be at most towns now and you need to have at least 30 fame to enter mini dungeons that contains monsters that are lvl 66 and above.

There is a Gachapon update is well as expected. The source equipment continues with the source weapons :


There is an cash shop update as well :
• [ETC] 50% up EXP Coupon (1Day) Available in Cash Shop until 20th July 2011 Only
• [ETC] 20% up EXP Coupon (02-06) for 7 days
• [ETC] 20% up EXP Coupon (06-10) for 7 days
• [ETC] 20% up EXP Coupon (10-14) for 7 days
• [Others] Aura Pendant
• [ETC] Busy Bee
• [Hat] Baby Turkey Hat
• [ETC] Gold Master Key Available in Cash Shop until 20th July 2011
• [ETC] Silver Master Key Available in Cash Shop until 20th July 2011
• [Top] Bunny T-shirt (Available via gifting only. Both sender and receiver will receive 1 each upon purchased)
• [Top] Carrot T-shirt (Available via gifting only. Both sender and receiver will receive 1 each upon purchased)

Sorry that I could not go into more details in the patch as I had not play the game. Also, sorry for the sloppy post as I am rushing and also using my phone to post. Hopefully, I am able play it tomorrow and update about it here. Thanks for reading, and happy mapling!

Link to MapleSEA’s post :


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