kMS ~ Demon Slayer & Legendary Potential Rank

A couple of days ago, Demon Slayer has finally made his debut in kMS! There is a couple of events taking place in KMS but I would not be posting on those, since I personally do not play this server.

Demon Slayer used to be one of the Generals of the Black Magician’s army, along with Orca, Van Leon, and a new one, Akyrum.


When he returns home, he finds only destruction.


His family, his mother and his brother Damian, were killed. In rage, he went to confront the Black Magician. However, Akyrum stopped him and sealed him away.

When Demon Slayer woke up, he broke through the seal that was sapping his energy away and met J, of the Resistance, who told him he could get revenge against the Black Magician by joining them.

The update that caught my attention however was not Demon Slayer. It was the fourth potential rank, Legendary.


A new type of Miracle Cube was added, the Master Miracle Cube. You can only get Legendary rank on an item if you use this new cube. It costs 1900 NX as opposed to a regular cube for 1100 NX. Once an item turns Legendary, you can only use Master Miracle Cubes on it if you want to refresh it’s stats.

Just like the normal cubes, you get a Master Miracle Cube Fragment when you use one. You can trade in 10 for a Silver Stamp, which adds a third line to a 2 lined item at a 50% chance, 20 for an Advanced Item Enhancement Scroll, or 30 for an Epic Potential Scroll, which can be used on a Rare item to change it to Epic.


Legendary equipments have a green outline and a further improved potential stats then Unique. This claw has 40% boss damage instead of 30% which you get from Unique.

Legendary equipments also have a new set of skills apart from the Unique tier. Skills from the Unique tier are known as “Decent” whereas the skills from the Legendary tier are known as “Useful”. These are the skills which are included in the Legendary tier :

1)  Useful Combat Order
Temporarily grants bonus skill level to the skills of all party members, including yourself. Skills that have already reached the master level can surpass the master level.
Exceptions: Beginner skills and Combat Orders cannot be increased, and this skill only applies to 4th job skills.

Skill Effect:
Consumes 64 MP, for 240 seconds increase party member’s skill level by 1.

2)  Useful Advanced Bless
For a period of time, bless your party members with attack, magic, physical defense, magic defense, accuracy, avoidability, HP and MP.

Skill Effect:
Consumes 120 MP , for 240 seconds increases Physical Attack 20, Magical Attack 20, Physical Defense 425 Magic Defense 425, Avoidability 260, Accuracy 260, Max HP 475, Max MP 475, MP consumption 12%.

3) Wind Booster.png Useful Wind Booster (Speed Infusion)
Consumes HP, MP for a certain period of time to increase attack speed of a weapon. Weapon booster skills (e.g Claw booster) can be used in conjunction with the wind booster.

Skill Effect:
Consumes 80 HP and 80 MP to increase attack speed by 1 grade for 24 0 seconds.

I am really excited about the fourth rank reaching MapleSEA. However, the Master Miracle Cubes would definitely cost a bomb. Anyway, National Day is approaching for all Singaporeans! Do enjoy your holidays, and happy mapling! 🙂


About nominat0r
Server:MapleSea World:Aquila In-game name:N0miNaT0rXx Job:Night Lord Level:14X Hi all! This is my blog, which I will be using to provide a source of information of the latest MapleSEA updates and patches to my fellow maplers through my blog entries.

7 Responses to kMS ~ Demon Slayer & Legendary Potential Rank

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  2. mproxes says:

    Thanks for the info, could u include more details of the new potential. Thanks

  3. Jabsport12 says:

    Can these useful skills only be obtained on certain equips and if so what are they?

  4. Ism says:

    “removal of white scroll, miracle scrolls due to balance issues…”

    legendary potential enhancement
    wind booster potential
    co potential
    bless potential


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