MapleSEA Chaos!

The official release date for the much awaited Chaos update in MapleSEA has been announced!

Age of Heroes – Oct 19th, 2011
– New skills and fine tuning of Aran. Evan, and Dual Blade classes
– Character rebalancing and fine tuning
– New Area: Door of the Future (Level 160+ area)
– New Boss more pro then Pink Bean
– New level 140+ equipment sets.

Age of Artisans & Age of Battle – Nov 9th, 2011
– Players will be able to Gather Plants and Minerals, practice Alchemy (creating potions), as well as craft Equipment and Accessories.
– PvP (Survival, Team Match) comes to MapleStory!

Ice Knight – Nov 23rd, 2011
– PvP (Ice Knight Mode) Party up with fellow Maplers to defeat the Ice Knight or even become the Ice Knight!

Even though I do not play maple as often as I do before, but Chaos seems to interest me into playing it once again! I am really excited to see what events would MSEA release along with the Chaos Update.

Do look forward to this update!


September Saturnalia Events Part 2

The 2nd part of the September Saturnalia Event has begun!

First up would be the ‘ Save Gaga Event! ‘ which would last from 15/09/11 to 19/10/11.

Baby Moon Bunny has spotted UFO sightings all over Victoria Island! What? Gaga has been abducted by the Aliens? The Aliens are invading our Maple World?

It is up to you to save Gaga and the Maple World!

image image

Grandpa Moon Bunny will reward any brave Maplers who saved Gaga.

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September Saturnalia Events Part 1

MapleSEA has prepared two events which will last through the entire September months! There will be more to come in the later parts of the “September Saturnalia” series of events! The first would be the “September Everyday Event!” and the second is the “Draw a Portrait Event and Maple Tree Hill!” These events would keep you hooked on to the game so do look forward!

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Dragon Nest SEA!

Hi guys! Recently, I have been playing the SEA version of Dragon Nest which have been released not long ago, thus I have not been posting regularly. No worries, as I would still be posting. For those playing DN SEA , do add me if you are in the Springwood server. My main, which is my lvl 24 Force User, in-game name is Deck.

Thanks for reading! 🙂