September Saturnalia Events Part 1

MapleSEA has prepared two events which will last through the entire September months! There will be more to come in the later parts of the “September Saturnalia” series of events! The first would be the “September Everyday Event!” and the second is the “Draw a Portrait Event and Maple Tree Hill!” These events would keep you hooked on to the game so do look forward!

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A whole month of events awaiting everyone!

Every Monday of September – Cassandra’s Magic!

Exchange 10% into 15% scrolls or 60% into 65% scrolls only from NPC Cassandra!

• Each character can only make the exchange maximum 5 times a day.
• Minimum character level of 10.

Every Tuesday of September – Cassandra’s Giveaway 1!

Receive 1 X Teleport Rock image from NPC Cassandra!

• Each character can only make the exchange once a day.
• Minimum character level of 10 to participate in this event.

Every Wednesday of September – 2X Drop Special!

EXTRA 2X Drop Events will be held specially on Wednesday from 1500hrs to 2000hrs!

1500hrs – 1530hrs
1600hrs – 1630hrs
1700hrs – 1730hrs
1800hrs – 1830hrs
1900hrs – 1930hrs
2000hrs – 2030hrs

2X Drop events for “September Everyday Event – Wednesday” applies to all items except increase of Meso.

Every Thursday of September – Cassandra’s Giveaway 2!

Receive 1 X Owl of Minerva image from NPC Cassandra!

• Each character can only make the exchange once a day.
• Minimum character level of 10 to participate in this event.

Every Friday of September – Quest Bonus!

30% Bonus Quest Completion EXP for the first 5 quests that you completed!

Every Saturday of September – Party EXP Bonus!

2X Party Bonus EXP for the WHOLE DAY! PARTY UP!

• 2X EXP only applies for EXP given under Party Bonus.

Every Sunday of September – Potion Discount!

5% discount off selected potions when you purchase from NPC shops!


Well, personally, I do find some of the giveaways pretty useless such as the Potion Discount and the Quest Bonus EXP.

However, the rest are pretty good! Increasing 5% of the success rate of scrolls is really helpful as there is a higher chance of passing the scroll. Teleport rock would help to save the trouble from moving a distance but it isn’t quite important as it is only usable once and doesn’t cover much distance. 2x Drop rates would be really good for farming items such as Time Pieces. In my opinion, the most useful giveaway would be the Owl of Minerva as it helps us find the item we want from the Free Market quickly. Searching the entire Free Market is extremely time consuming, and I know that everyones’ time is precious, right? 2x Party Bonus EXP is not bad if you are training in a party, however, I would prefer a 2x EXP to be given out on this day.

On to the second event!


According to the different level, you will receive a drawing paper. Double click to open it, drag the special dye which is obtainable from monsters to complete the picture.
Reward for this event: Gift Box image

You will be able to receive random amount of Maple Leaf from Gift Box.
Exchange 1000 Maple Leaf for 1 Golden Maple Leaf with NPC Cassandra.


Growing Maple Tree Event is back by popular demand! To enter Maple Tree Hill, talk to NPC Cassandra and she will send you there.
In order for the maple tree to grow, player will need to provide NPC Armi with sufficient Sunshine. Sunshine can be hunt from all monsters.


Once the Maple tree is fully grown, it will drop out maple leaf and Gold Maple Leaf. Gold Maple Leaf can be exchange with NPC Inkie in Henesys for some cool items!


• You will be able to exchange 1000 Maple Leaf for 1 Golden Maple Leaf with NPC Cassandra.
• Minimum character level of 13 to participate in this event.

Basically, you are suppose to get Maple Leafs from the Portrait and Maple Tree Hill event to exchange into a Golden Maple Leaf and then exchange that leaf for items from NPC Inkie. Congrats From GM can be quite suitable long boss runs, as it increases your stats in some areas for 1 hour. Although we already have the Mark Of Naricain, newbies that have lesser capabilities of getting the MoN are able to get this necklaces instead. It gives a good amount of Magic Attack and Weapon Attack, so it is a must get if you are not able to get any MoN or Horntail necklaces.

Thanks for reading, and happy mapling!! 🙂


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