September Saturnalia Events Part 2

The 2nd part of the September Saturnalia Event has begun!

First up would be the ‘ Save Gaga Event! ‘ which would last from 15/09/11 to 19/10/11.

Baby Moon Bunny has spotted UFO sightings all over Victoria Island! What? Gaga has been abducted by the Aliens? The Aliens are invading our Maple World?

It is up to you to save Gaga and the Maple World!

image image

Grandpa Moon Bunny will reward any brave Maplers who saved Gaga.

Read past the cut to see the rest of the post!

image Happy Ring


This is a permanent ring with no stats added to it. However, there are 5 slots for you to upgrade it through the Happy Ring Scrolls that they are rewarding you as well!

Note that 100% scrolls add 1 stats while 10% adds 3 stats.


1) Speak to NPC Baby Moon Bunny located in any town and he will send you to the Moon Corner map.
2) Talk to NPC Grandpa Moon Bunny to start saving Gaga.
3) Save Gaga multiple times to get random rewards from Grandpa Moon Bunny!

take note that..
• You are able to save Gaga once every 3mins.
• Minimum character level of 13 to participate in this event.

Followed by the Meso Dungeon Event! It would last from 15/09/11 to 26/10/11.

There is definetely good news to all the treasure lovers out there! Mr. Sandman, a coin collector is offering his items for YOUR Cracked Mesos!
From 15th September 2011 to 26th October 2011, you are able to redeem prizes from Mr. Sandman using Bronze Cracked Mesos, Silver Cracked Mesos, and Gold Cracked Mesos. Read on to find out how to obtain them!

image Gold Cracked Mesos
image Silver Cracked Mesos
image Bronze Cracked Mesos

THIS IS THE REWARD LIST! Please take note that you can only trade Gold Cracked Mesos for the rewards under the gold reward list and Silver Cracked Mesos for the rewards under the silver reward list. You have to exchange your Silver Cracked Mesos into Gold Cracked Mesos (your silver cracked mesos would be converted into a lesser amount of gold cracked mesos) in order to get the items you want under the gold reward list. This also applies to the Bronze cracked mesos. Bronze cracked mesos would be converted to Silver cracked mesos.

I do not recommend this option as it would be much easier if you were to use your high level character to farm the Gold cracked mesos straight away. I find rewards in the bronze reward list pointless so I suggest you not to get the bronze mesos. If you are under lvl 75, then do grind until you reach that level! However if you have a character between 36 and 74, do get the Silver Cracked Mesos if you are wanting to craft a good armour with the scrolls rewarded. (provided you have the $$)

Do not miss out on this opportunity to get these great items! (although you have to pay @cash to enter)





1) Look for NPC Mr. Sandman at Event Map. AND START YOUR 60 SECONDS RUN!
Premium Meso Dungeon

Cracked Meso can be obtained in the Premium Meso Dungeon by purchasing a Meso Dungeon ticket from the Cash Shop.

image Premium Meso Dungeon Ticket (1 time) – allows you to stay in dungeon for 60 sec.

Take Note!

Please be informed that the Premium Meso Dungeon Ticket (1 time) actually lasts for 60 sec and not 90 sec (as stated on the item’s description).

Talk to Maple Administrator to enter the Premium Meso Dungeon. There are 3 different types of Premium Meso Dungeons:

Gold Premium Meso Dungeon – Level 75 – 200
Silver Premium Meso Dungeon – Level 36 – 74
Bronze Premium Meso Dungeon – Level 10 – 35

take note that..
• Minimum character level of 10 to enter Premium Meso Dungeon.

The final event would be the Triple-Tri-Trio Event! It will last from 16/09/11 to 17/10/11.

Here is your chance to get bonus EXP points as you hunt on every 3rd monster! Furthermore, the bonus EXP will increase with every hour you stay in the game.

So the longer you stay, the higher bonus EXP you will receive when you hit the 3rd monster. So do start grinding up your levels before this event is over!

Less than 1 hr after login : no bonus EXP
1hr~2hr : 30% bonus
2hr~3hr : 100% bonus
3hr~4hr : 150% bonus
4hr~5hr : 180% bonus
5hr~6hr : 200% bonus

I would suggest you to AFK for 2 hours first before playing as a 30% bonus isn’t that much for every 3rd monster. After you have acquired that 100% bonus, then do start churning up your levels!

Thanks for reading, AND ENJOY YOUR WEEKEND!!!

The amount of exp from each third monster has changed. Now you have to wait for 4 hours for an extra 100% per 3rd mob.

• Less than 1 hr after login : no bonus EXP
• 1hr~2hr : 10% bonus
• 2hr~3hr : 30% bonus
• 3hr~4hr : 60% bonus
• 4hr~5hr : 100% bonus
• 5hr~6hr : 150% bonus


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