kMSt ver.1.2.409 ~ Thief and Pirate Reorganization

The brand new Thief and Pirate‘s skills have been released to Tespia!

New skills are added into the skill tree, and many skills are shifted to a lower job rank! SPOILER : (e.g Quadruple Throw has been added to Night Lord 4th job, and Triple Throw have been shifted to Hermit from Night Lord) I wont wana reveal more as it would totally spoil it for you.. But read on to find out!

This patch really got me excited, as I am a Night Lord myself, so the bunch of new skills made me look really forward to this update coming to MapleSEA!

Read past the cut to see ALL of the new skills! You will definitely be surprised at the major overhaul! (credits go to Orange Mushroom, and Fiel of Southperry!)

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Guess And Win ~ Thief Hero

To apologise for not posting for a long long time, I would like to have a Guess and Win contest for all of my readers! The winner of this Guess and Win contest would win a 10K @cash PPC (Sorry to global/kms players, but its only for MSEA players).

So the question is :

What weapon will the new Thief Hero be using? 

Leave your answers in the comments section, along with your e-mail! The winner will be notified by e-mail.

The person who gets the correct answer ( we will know the answer when Nexon releases the new class), or if it is too long a wait, I will pick the most creative answer!

Also, apart from answering the question, you have to subscribe to my blog as well~ (the subscribe button is on the right handside, below my blog stats)

So what are you waiting for, start thinking 🙂

P.S . If only one/zero people participates, the contest will be cancelled. 😦


Sneak Peak of Thief and Pirate Reorganization!

I’m sure many Thiefs and Pirates who stayed loyal to their respective jobs are very excited upon seeing this picture! Yes, this is the sneak peak of the new set of skills that the Thiefs and Pirates are going to be armed with!

The Night Lord seem to have skills that are of a different type (also much flashier) compared to their basic “Triple Throw, Lucky Seven , Avenger”. As you can see, there are after effects of a “explosion” for each of the skill shown for the Night Lord, which might be a sign of a new attribute added to the Night Lord’s skills. The Shadower is armed with flashy skills as well, however, it looks like the same type of skills as its existing skills. Buccaneer‘s skills look pretty much like Cannon Shooters’ , and the Octopi looks to be a huge skill now compared to before for the Captains.

Well, there is also speculation about the new Thief Hero class release soon. After the recent “Legend” update, not many were expecting another class to be released this quickly, but blogger shakar96 has found a new job ID in the Lionheart castle‘s quests, and they correspond to the Thief Hero! So my guess is that he is related to Van Leon, as the ID was found in his castle!

Do let your imagination run wild on what weapons will he use or how will he be related to the existing storylines! Who knows, your guess might be correct ! 😉

Missing in action

For the past 2 months, I have been missing in action in Maplestory, so I’m sorry that there were no updates on my wordpress. (my last post was 2 months ago!)

I rarely play MapleStory nowadays but I will still try my best to provide you with information about the upcoming updates these few days.

I do miss MapleStory alot but however I feel that it has really changed and that made me not want to play it anymore.. Definitely, I still have feelings for the game as I have played it for 6-7 years now, and I have created many great memories in MapleStory. The question is, am I able to create greater memories now, after MapleStory has changed this much? That, I am still seeking for the answer…