Missing in action

For the past 2 months, I have been missing in action in Maplestory, so I’m sorry that there were no updates on my wordpress. (my last post was 2 months ago!)

I rarely play MapleStory nowadays but I will still try my best to provide you with information about the upcoming updates these few days.

I do miss MapleStory alot but however I feel that it has really changed and that made me not want to play it anymore.. Definitely, I still have feelings for the game as I have played it for 6-7 years now, and I have created many great memories in MapleStory. The question is, am I able to create greater memories now, after MapleStory has changed this much? That, I am still seeking for the answer…


About nominat0r
Server:MapleSea World:Aquila In-game name:N0miNaT0rXx Job:Night Lord Level:14X Hi all! This is my blog, which I will be using to provide a source of information of the latest MapleSEA updates and patches to my fellow maplers through my blog entries.

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