Sneak Peak of Thief and Pirate Reorganization!

I’m sure many Thiefs and Pirates who stayed loyal to their respective jobs are very excited upon seeing this picture! Yes, this is the sneak peak of the new set of skills that the Thiefs and Pirates are going to be armed with!

The Night Lord seem to have skills that are of a different type (also much flashier) compared to their basic “Triple Throw, Lucky Seven , Avenger”. As you can see, there are after effects of a “explosion” for each of the skill shown for the Night Lord, which might be a sign of a new attribute added to the Night Lord’s skills. The Shadower is armed with flashy skills as well, however, it looks like the same type of skills as its existing skills. Buccaneer‘s skills look pretty much like Cannon Shooters’ , and the Octopi looks to be a huge skill now compared to before for the Captains.

Well, there is also speculation about the new Thief Hero class release soon. After the recent “Legend” update, not many were expecting another class to be released this quickly, but blogger shakar96 has found a new job ID in the Lionheart castle‘s quests, and they correspond to the Thief Hero! So my guess is that he is related to Van Leon, as the ID was found in his castle!

Do let your imagination run wild on what weapons will he use or how will he be related to the existing storylines! Who knows, your guess might be correct ! 😉


About nominat0r
Server:MapleSea World:Aquila In-game name:N0miNaT0rXx Job:Night Lord Level:14X Hi all! This is my blog, which I will be using to provide a source of information of the latest MapleSEA updates and patches to my fellow maplers through my blog entries.

2 Responses to Sneak Peak of Thief and Pirate Reorganization!

  1. Matt says:

    Lol thats not cannon shooter, its a bucanner.

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