Interested in kMS

Hi guys! Sorry if some of you misunderstood my previous post as I was only referring to MapleSEA. As I heard that the kMS community is still very well, I would love to play it, so a question from me is, does anyone know how to play kMS from Singapore? If you know how, please do share it with me. Thanks alot 🙂


Miss the old MapleStory?

Old times in MapleStory , are unforgettable. Looking back at the past memories and experience, sometimes you just wonder why did MapleStory become like this.

Well, many people have been telling me that MapleStory has change alot, and they miss the past badly. The past community was so much more friendly. Meeting new people, training and questing together, and even KS wars, was a pleasure. Remember those times, where we used to shout “HEY STOP KSING MY SLIME OR I WOULD BRING MY LVL 7x”. 7X was already a great achievement even after 2 years the game started. Well, it started to change since then… Yes, there were minor changes here and there.. But adding it all together = a major overhaul. It was slowly building up to what it became today.

I grew up with MapleStory. Since young i have been playing it, and now I really do miss those times. So here is something for my readers to bring back the good old memories. The nostalgia..

New Thief Hero , Justice?

Taken from Orange Mushroom’s youtube channel. In this video, there is a new character speaking to Evan, named Justice. He will be a part of the winter updates, and from the looks of it, he might just be the new Thief Hero! Justice might be using Tarrot Cards as weapon as seen from the video, but that i can’t confirm yet 🙂

Do look forward to this update!

P.S. Justice is the name of the update, and the Thief Hero is known as Phantom!