MapleStory Phantom

The Phantom class has already been released for awhile, but since I did not cover it before, I will be doing it now, along with Luminous, Kaiser, and Angelic Burster, in my other posts. (thanks to orangemushroom and fiel for the skills/information)
First up, Phantom!

Originally, the thief hero, Phantom, was a famous thief, able to steal anything he wanted. However, the death of a loved one (Aria, a previous Empress), led him on the path of a hero!

Like the classes added in the Legend update, you can choose either gender when you create a Phantom.


Phantom has two weapons! The first is the Cane, his main weapon. Phantom’s attacking skills use this, and in addition, the Cane can change into any type of weapon, which is used when Phantom steals skills from other classes. The secondary weapon is the Cards, which are thrown by Phantom in some of his skills. These Cards can have potential.

Starting from his second job advancement, Phantom has a Card Stack on the side of his screen. This Card Stack is used in the beginner skill Judgement which can be used when the stack is full.

This stack starts off at 20 cards in second job (because of Blanc Carte) and increases to 40 cards in fourth job (because of Noir Carte).

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Return of the Forces (buff,buff and more buff!)

Tomorrow, all classes (excluding Legends, thief, and pirate) would be buffed in MapleSEA. The reason why the thief and pirate classes are not getting buffed is that they will receive a skill revamp instead. I have mentioned this last year in one of my older posts, so do take a look (  Here are the list of skills affected for every class, courtesy of the MapleSEA site.

General Warrior Class Power Up

▪ Ground Smash: Master level changed to 10. Damage increased.

▪ Power Stance: Increased effect at master level.

▪ NEW Slipstream: Pushes you past the wind to let you move quicker than the eye can follow.

Hero Power Up

▪ Rage: Damage gain increased.

▪ Self Recovery: Increased amount of HP/MP recovery

▪ Panic: Further reduce enemy’s damage. Damage increased.

▪ Shout: Damage and hit range increased.

▪ Brandish: Ignores more of enemy’s defence. Damage increased.

▪ Enrage: Increases minimum critical damage. Critical rate effect added.

▪ Advanced Final Attack: Number of hits increased to 2

▪ Monster Magnet: Damage increased.

▪ Intrepid Slash: Damage increased.


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Back in action

After missing out on the game for about a year or so, I finally made the decision to return. Why? Well, my cousin was playing Maple at our grandma’s place, and I got intrigued once again. So i came back into the game, now a Demon Slayer.

I just created him today, and I didn’t really get the character customization since I could only change the markings, but they gave me so many options .. Other than that and the extremely long and boring intro, it was really fun. Grinding was very easy with the Demon Slayer and it did not trouble me one bit to level at all.




Spent about an hour to a half grinding at CDs to go from lv30 to lv46.. Stopping for the day..





Anyway, back on topic, I will be continuing my blog, and I hope that you readers continue to give me your utmost support. Thank you for reading! 🙂