Von Leon Alliance 2012

Von Leon Alliance Ticket is back again and here’s your chance to get your Cyclop shoulder pad! Von Leon Alliance Ticket will be available from 14th November 2012 – 19th December 2012. Only characters who are level 120 and above can start the quest.
To proceed, go to the Mirror of Dimensions and enter the Von Leon Alliance 2012 map.


To enter the Dark Alley, you will require a special ticket which can be obtained from the Cash Shop for 1.5k @cash. Likewise, if you show your bravery to the Queen by hunting 100 Von Leon’s Seals which can be obtained from any monster in the Maple World, she will reward you with one Von Leon Alliance Ticket daily!


I was in El Nath upon entering the server, hence I hunted my Von Leon Seals at Jr.Pepe. However, it is pretty slippery in El Nath and it made it difficult to loot the stamps quickly, hence I went to Showa to complete the quest. There is a slight catch though.

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MapleSEA Phantom Patch Notes

MapleSEA has released the patch notes on Phantom which will be released on the 14th of November.
You can check it out here
However, the events that are released along with it are not as exciting as the rewards are all potions, however, one of them did catch my attention.


Thank god an AP reset. Just what i needed after the Thief revamp. Hopefully, there will be no lag during the hot time.

MapleSEA Premium Mini Dungeon

From 31st October 2012 till 14th November 2012, Premium Mini Dungeon (PMD) is back with better rewards and even more EXP bonus!  Hence, I decided to give it a shot to see what I can obtain. There is a catch though, as you have to buy one of these Maple Mini Dungeon Ticket image in order to enter, for 2k @cash.
What are the features of Premium Mini Dungeon?

• Requirement level : Level 1 ~ Lv 200
• Over 11 Dungeon Maps!
• Various weapons and boxes drop
• Many Chairs drop too!


Monsters in the Premium Mini Dungeon drop  Clover coins image, and it can be changed for several items from NPC Rechanuni image at the entrance of the Mini Dungeon. However, the drop rate of Clover coins is so rare that it is impossible to obtain an item from the shop… (I had 0 coins on my run)





















Well, the time limit is 25 minutes, and within that time, you have to hunt as much as you can get. I did my Premium Mini Dungeon run at the Skeleton map in Leafre, and it was not a bad run considering I obtained a few chairs. Most people run this for the loot, but some do actually run for the EXP (not a good levelling place though) and that will require a party to maximise the EXP gained. Read on to find out the items which I received from PMD!

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Enchanted Forest Revamp!

After gathering feedback from MapleSEA players, MapleSEA has recently made a decision to revamp the Enchanted Forest reward system.

Instead of exchanging the rose for certain items, or even maple points, the only thing Bunny Merchant now offers is a shot at  “Bunny Gacha” for 40k rose.
















The shoulderpad is currently around 3billion in the market price and is in high demand. If you are lucky, getting these exclusive items at your first shot in the gacha is possible. On the otherhand, I doubt that unlucky people like me will ever obtain the medal/shoulder/maplepoints from the gacha 😦


And so I have to start gaining my rose points once again. Sadly, the quests in Enchanted Forest can only be completed once a day, which will get you about 20k rose daily.  Hopefully I will be able to get more lucky in my other attempts 🙂

MapleSEA Bounty Hunter Event – Tracking the Outlaw Guide

Recently, a bounty hunter event was released alongside the MapleSEA Justice content.  There are two parts to this event, Bounty Hunter, and the second part which is Tracking the Outlaws. Bounty Hunter is pretty straightforward, and many maplers are able to complete it with ease. Instead, many other maplers are wondering where to obtain the Wanted Criminal Clues for Tracking the Outlaws. Read on to find out.

This was the information released on the MapleSEA website :
The leaders of the various towns have another problem! There are Outlaws hiding all over the Maple World and they require your help to take them out! The Outlaws will drop Wanted Criminal Clues.

This has created confusion in most of us, as we do not know where are the Outlaws hiding, and even the identity of the Outlaw. Turning to google, we found out that it dropped from any monsters on the other MapleStory servers. Hence, I made my attempt to try out around the Leafre area. However, an hour later, it was to no avail as not even a single Criminal Clue was dropped.

                                                                      failed attempt by me 😦 (sorry for the bad damage)

A short while later, I noticed that one of my guildmate already had the badge and hence I asked him about the location of the clues.

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MapleSEA Justice + many other events!!

The MapleSEA Justice patch was released into the server a week ago now, alongside with some other events and system revamps, such as the Bounty Hunter Event, Enchanted Forest Revamp, and the new Premium Mini Dungeon.

I would be covering mainly on these 3 features in the next couple of days, and maybe a brief introduction to some of the other events like the exchange of Justice coins, so do check back tomorrow and the day after!! 🙂