MapleSEA Bounty Hunter Event – Tracking the Outlaw Guide

Recently, a bounty hunter event was released alongside the MapleSEA Justice content.  There are two parts to this event, Bounty Hunter, and the second part which is Tracking the Outlaws. Bounty Hunter is pretty straightforward, and many maplers are able to complete it with ease. Instead, many other maplers are wondering where to obtain the Wanted Criminal Clues for Tracking the Outlaws. Read on to find out.

This was the information released on the MapleSEA website :
The leaders of the various towns have another problem! There are Outlaws hiding all over the Maple World and they require your help to take them out! The Outlaws will drop Wanted Criminal Clues.

This has created confusion in most of us, as we do not know where are the Outlaws hiding, and even the identity of the Outlaw. Turning to google, we found out that it dropped from any monsters on the other MapleStory servers. Hence, I made my attempt to try out around the Leafre area. However, an hour later, it was to no avail as not even a single Criminal Clue was dropped.

                                                                      failed attempt by me 😦 (sorry for the bad damage)

A short while later, I noticed that one of my guildmate already had the badge and hence I asked him about the location of the clues.

“Showa”, he replied.

Slowly, it started to sink in. I should have thought of it.. The outlaws actually refers to the Triad Members all around Showa. Immediately, I went to hunt for it.

Firstly, I went to the Hideout, which can be accessed through Konpei in Showa Town.

And upon the death of the first few monsters, the Wanted Criminal Clues appeared! Indeed, the triad members drop the clues.

                  Note that Bain does not drop the clues. This clue came from the Male Boss in the Armory.

For lower level players, you can fight the Triad Members on the streets of Showa , which are much lower in level.

And I completed the quest after a mere 15 minutes of hunting 🙂

So now you know where to hunt for the clues, hurry up and get your Bounty Hunter badge and belt!!

P.S. Mysterious Path 3 in Singapore also drop the clues.


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6 Responses to MapleSEA Bounty Hunter Event – Tracking the Outlaw Guide

  1. Scott says:

    Wow thanks. I was hunting the wrong monsters all this time.

  2. Shin says:

    MP3 mobs also drop those.

  3. carolkey says:

    Oh my! Thanks! This helped alot!

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