Another Server on Blade and Soul CN

So I’m pretty annoyed with the queue times (server maintenance is not helping at all), so I’ve decided to play abit on a new server with a few friends (more are joining actually). Feel free to play with us! My ign is Hyeri there.

Server Name – Sub Server Name

网通–  披星戴月



Edit :

Level 10 now 🙂



Blade and Soul CN OBT

Blade and Soul CN have just entered OBT phase yesterday on the 28th of November!
I had issues downloading the game, but I finally got it completed today.

The only problem now is,


The waiting time is terrible. Especially for the “english server”, where most of the english speaking people are playing on.

Server NameSub Server Name

网通一区– 咆哮寺院

Well, it takes approximately 2 hours to get into game right now. And as I am writing this, I’m actually still queueing!

queue time for BNS

So basically what it says is that I am currently the 785th person in the queue, while there are 2412 people in the queue in total. Waiting time , 67 minutes. As you can see the queue time is extremely long -.-

I will update more after I get into the game, and I would also probably provide some translations since I can read chinese. Until then, cya~

P.S. As you can see, my ign is Nomias! Feel free to add me.


So I went out for 7 hours and after I am back, I’m in the game! (duh)

Lucky though I didn’t get booted out, since BNS CN doesn’t have an auto kick system.

I am level 4 now, and maintenance is in 2 hours and 15 minutes! Will update more soon!