Legacy Guild in 网通三区- 披星戴月 Blade and Soul CN Server

I’m finally 20 in the game and I’ve made a guild called Legacy (RED FACTION) with my friends in the 网通–  披星戴月 server. 

It’s kinda like a spinoff from Freedom (Steparu’s guild). Those frustrated with the lag and queues on the main server can hop here as alternate or main.
Since BnS CN is blocking character creation on the main server (Freedom), this server would be a good option for new players.
Join us today!


PM Hyu , Hyeri, XaNx, FallenSin, Zerra, Skyella (as of now) for an invite!

As of now (3/12/2013, 3:34PM GMT+8) , we have about 18/30 members.




About nominat0r
Server:MapleSea World:Aquila In-game name:N0miNaT0rXx Job:Night Lord Level:14X Hi all! This is my blog, which I will be using to provide a source of information of the latest MapleSEA updates and patches to my fellow maplers through my blog entries.

22 Responses to Legacy Guild in 网通三区- 披星戴月 Blade and Soul CN Server

  1. Phlyx says:

    would love to join. let my PhlyxFey Lvl up first.

  2. FrostBlaze says:

    Awww Im on the same main server but my sub is 血浪鲨湾 😦

  3. FrostBlaze says:

    I just might lol. How is the community on your server?

  4. FrostBlaze says:

    Alright I joined haha. I really want to get into a guild. I power level hard today so that way I can become of use. c:

  5. FrostBlaze says:

    Im a member of blade and soul dojo and there is threads about legacy and also I google my server name to see if I can find threads of people on theme and this popped up. Haha ^^

  6. FrostBlaze says:

    I wanted to join freedom but the servers are full and only opened to cbt players

  7. FrostBlaze says:

    Thank you, I’m already on the game as we speak, My IGN is DarkBlaze and what is the level requirement?

  8. FrostBlaze says:

    Sweet ill try my best to get to that point sometime today.Ill message you here when I reach that point. ^^

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