How to get your own White Ghost Outfit on Blade and Soul!

First off, what is the White Ghost Costume?

white ghost costume

Read on to find out !!! 

Most players should have already seen this costume in game, especially lv20+ , since it is available in the token exchange shop in the Emerald Village. Or you can access it through your inventory here.


So to get that White Ghost Uniform, you need 40 of the tokens as stated there.


To get them, first off you have to obtain this outfit, which you would most likely find yourself to have if you have been doing all the quests.


Then, in the Emerald Village, kill the NPCs wearing the green uniform.


Keep killing until the boss spawns, and upon killing the boss, a chest of 2 tokens will drop.


Repeat this process 20 times and you are all set for your new costume!

Solo-ing gives you 2 tokens per boss. While if you do it in a team, the highest DPS gets 2 tokens while the rest gets 1.


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