MapleStory 2 – Music and Composing

A very fun aspect which I find in MapleStory 2 is having the ability to play instruments and compose our own music. However, not all of us are musically proficient enough to create our own musical masterpiece (it is also not easy to do so in MS2, having to key in each key on its own to form an entire song). Some of us just simply want to play our favorite songs through the instruments in game, hence, I have decided to create a guide/tutorial on how to do so.

Firstly, you have to unlock your first instrument in the game, which would be the piano. At Level 10+ (I forgot which), a message will show up across your screen, prompting you to access the tutorial for the piano. After completion of the tutorial, you would obtain the piano, as well as several musical sheets for you to compose on.


To start composing, simply double left-click on a blank music sheet, which would open up the composing window.



Click the instrument panel to select the instrument that you would be composing for.


Afterwards, you can find the song that you would want to play on websites such as , and download your score in the MIDI format after registering.

Then, download the MIDI to MML converter at

Extract the files within the ZIP folder, and open up 3MLE.exe


Then, hover over File and import Standard MIDI File, and click the MIDI file which you have downloaded from musescore or any other website.


After importing, you can choose to click Export MML to Clipboard, however I seem to encounter a lot of errors in doing so which disallow me to export MML. Alternatively, you can copy the MML text on the bottom right and paste (ctrl V) it in the composing box in Maple Story 2.



Click the play button to test the melody, and once set, create your musical score!


To play your musical score, simply right click your piano, and drag the musical score into the box, and you are all set to play!




MapleStory 2!!

Hello everyone! It’s been awhile now since I have posted, despite promising to post about GW2 and several other games after my A level examination. Well, the truth is, I have lost touch with most of those games soon after my exams ended, and hence didn’t have much interest in sharing the information I had from those games.

Yet, I am back here, blogging today, because I have found a really enjoyable game, and one that hits close to home..

and that game is none other than MapleStory 2.


MapleStory 2 is currently only available in Korea, and the only way to play it is to have a Korean mobile phone, as you are required to verify your KMS2 account through it. Another alternative is to buy the account from an online gaming vendor, and there are aplenty of them.

The following URLS are the guides which I utilized to get the game up and running (credits to ayumilove, MMOs, and orangemushroom respectively) : (Getting into the game / ENGLISH PATCH download) (Step by step registration + download) (In-depth beginner’s guide)


What makes MapleStory 2 truly enjoyable for me is the in-depth customization that you can perform with your characters, and that it is generally a fun-orientated game rather than a grindfest like many MMOs in the current market. In MS2, events are always taking place, new houses and advertisements constantly being put up, and new customized clothes designed by your fellow Maplers are regularly refreshed on the market. Every element in the game is fun-orientated, and driven by the community, which is what makes the game tick, and in addition it generates the feeling of nostalgia from MS1 (the days of cosmetics and community, rather than CUBES AFTER CUBES AFTER CUBES).


I just got into the game, and will be playing more in this period of time. Feel free to add me in the game, IGN : Nomias, and if you would like an english-speaking guild, do join Arachna in the guild tab!

Looking forward to posting more about this wonderful game!