MapleStory 2 – June Event (Free 3k Merit and +13 Balrog Weapon)

maple222222222A new event has been released by MapleStory 2 on 31/5, which runs until 29/6. (

As seen from the official website, there are a few components making up this event. I will be highlighting the few which to me has the largest reward, and are must-gets. (Ratio of effort to reward). This includes the Daily gift boxes, the 3k Merit Point Stamp Event, as well as the +13 Balrog Weapon event.

Firstly, the Daily gift boxes are the most simple. Go to this MapleStory 2 page after logging in, and simply scroll down and click the blue poops to collect your Daily Gift, assigning it to one of your characters. The blue poop from the previous day also do not expire, hence you can collect on the days which you missed as well.

blue poop

blue poop window

Afterwards, go in-game with the assigned character and enter the cash shop to retrieve your giftbox.

Upon opening, these are some of the many rewards you can obtain (Gems, 2x exp coupon, potion box, make up coupons, hairstyle coupons, etc etc) –

blue poop rewards




Up next would be the 3k Merit Point Stamp Event, which in my opinion is a MUST-DO. If you play the game, you would know how precious Merit points are, as they are only obtainable from converting money to in-game cash, or using huge amounts of Mesos to purchase them (40mil for 300-500 points). Merit Points are utilised to buy skins, membership, mounts, mostly anything luxurious related (including auto-fishing services) – thus these points are HIGHLY SOUGHT AFTER. So, who would say no to 3k Merit points for free?

To obtain them, simply complete the entire stamp set in-game (accessible under Adventure tab), which is basically 30 separate ”tasks” that you have to do with your account.  The tasks can be completed by any of your character within your account as the entire account shares the same stampbook (the reward is only obtainable once per account), which makes things slightly easier as you can stack missions / harvesting ores across characters.



(Right click and ”open image in new tab” to zoom)

Some of the more ”challenging” stamps to complete would be the ones requiring two guild-members to do it with you within a party. However, feel free to join us at Arachna by applying under the guild-tab, and we would be more than happy to help you with it.

Along the way to 30 stamps, you will also obtain several other rewards, such as enhancement stones, and a beautiful Cat costume at 25 red stamps.



The last event that I will touch on is the Event which gives us a Level 50 Legendary Weapon with +13 Enhancement. The weapon is highly sought after as +13 Enhancement provides very huge stat bonuses to an equipment. and could easily serve as an end-game weapon as the stats are as good as a Level 56 Epic Weapon with +11 Enhancement (also not easy to obtain).

This event however, can be easily accomplished. Simply talk to Events Assistant Barbie in Queenstown (Area on the right of Tria) and accept the ”Immortals Daily Quest” . Then, follow the map on the quest and kill the stated boss 3 times (you can do so by changing channels). The map would indicate what time the boss spawns as well. (Boss spawns on a 1 hour interval). After completion, you will obtain 8 ”The Aura of Immortality”.  Repeat the quest for 13 days and you will have enough ”The Aura of Immortality” (100) to swap for a box with Events Assistant Ruby. Open the box with the character you want for the desired weapon!





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