MapleStory 2 – Music and Composing

A very fun aspect which I find in MapleStory 2 is having the ability to play instruments and compose our own music. However, not all of us are musically proficient enough to create our own musical masterpiece (it is also not easy to do so in MS2, having to key in each key on its own to form an entire song). Some of us just simply want to play our favorite songs through the instruments in game, hence, I have decided to create a guide/tutorial on how to do so.

Firstly, you have to unlock your first instrument in the game, which would be the piano. At Level 10+ (I forgot which), a message will show up across your screen, prompting you to access the tutorial for the piano. After completion of the tutorial, you would obtain the piano, as well as several musical sheets for you to compose on.


To start composing, simply double left-click on a blank music sheet, which would open up the composing window.



Click the instrument panel to select the instrument that you would be composing for.


Afterwards, you can find the song that you would want to play on websites such as , and download your score in the MIDI format after registering.

Then, download the MIDI to MML converter at

Extract the files within the ZIP folder, and open up 3MLE.exe


Then, hover over File and import Standard MIDI File, and click the MIDI file which you have downloaded from musescore or any other website.


After importing, you can choose to click Export MML to Clipboard, however I seem to encounter a lot of errors in doing so which disallow me to export MML. Alternatively, you can copy the MML text on the bottom right and paste (ctrl V) it in the composing box in Maple Story 2.



Click the play button to test the melody, and once set, create your musical score!


To play your musical score, simply right click your piano, and drag the musical score into the box, and you are all set to play!




MapleStory Phantom

The Phantom class has already been released for awhile, but since I did not cover it before, I will be doing it now, along with Luminous, Kaiser, and Angelic Burster, in my other posts. (thanks to orangemushroom and fiel for the skills/information)
First up, Phantom!

Originally, the thief hero, Phantom, was a famous thief, able to steal anything he wanted. However, the death of a loved one (Aria, a previous Empress), led him on the path of a hero!

Like the classes added in the Legend update, you can choose either gender when you create a Phantom.


Phantom has two weapons! The first is the Cane, his main weapon. Phantom’s attacking skills use this, and in addition, the Cane can change into any type of weapon, which is used when Phantom steals skills from other classes. The secondary weapon is the Cards, which are thrown by Phantom in some of his skills. These Cards can have potential.

Starting from his second job advancement, Phantom has a Card Stack on the side of his screen. This Card Stack is used in the beginner skill Judgement which can be used when the stack is full.

This stack starts off at 20 cards in second job (because of Blanc Carte) and increases to 40 cards in fourth job (because of Noir Carte).

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Miss the old MapleStory?

Old times in MapleStory , are unforgettable. Looking back at the past memories and experience, sometimes you just wonder why did MapleStory become like this.

Well, many people have been telling me that MapleStory has change alot, and they miss the past badly. The past community was so much more friendly. Meeting new people, training and questing together, and even KS wars, was a pleasure. Remember those times, where we used to shout “HEY STOP KSING MY SLIME OR I WOULD BRING MY LVL 7x”. 7X was already a great achievement even after 2 years the game started. Well, it started to change since then… Yes, there were minor changes here and there.. But adding it all together = a major overhaul. It was slowly building up to what it became today.

I grew up with MapleStory. Since young i have been playing it, and now I really do miss those times. So here is something for my readers to bring back the good old memories. The nostalgia..

New Thief Hero , Justice?

Taken from Orange Mushroom’s youtube channel. In this video, there is a new character speaking to Evan, named Justice. He will be a part of the winter updates, and from the looks of it, he might just be the new Thief Hero! Justice might be using Tarrot Cards as weapon as seen from the video, but that i can’t confirm yet 🙂

Do look forward to this update!

P.S. Justice is the name of the update, and the Thief Hero is known as Phantom!

kMSt ver.1.2.409 ~ Thief and Pirate Reorganization

The brand new Thief and Pirate‘s skills have been released to Tespia!

New skills are added into the skill tree, and many skills are shifted to a lower job rank! SPOILER : (e.g Quadruple Throw has been added to Night Lord 4th job, and Triple Throw have been shifted to Hermit from Night Lord) I wont wana reveal more as it would totally spoil it for you.. But read on to find out!

This patch really got me excited, as I am a Night Lord myself, so the bunch of new skills made me look really forward to this update coming to MapleSEA!

Read past the cut to see ALL of the new skills! You will definitely be surprised at the major overhaul! (credits go to Orange Mushroom, and Fiel of Southperry!)

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kMSt v.1.2.399 Akyrum Minor Changes


In the new update for kMSt, Akyrum’s physical attack has tripled from 10k to a whopping 30k! He will hit thrice as hard than before, so do be careful when facing Akyrum. The stats of Akyrum is in my previous post, so do take a look.

There are also minor changes on skills of Aran and evan. (info is on OrangeMushroom’s blog)

Thanks for reading and happy mapling 🙂

kMSt v.1.2.398 ~ Akyrum & Time Temple

kMSt has officially release patch notes for their new version, and I was right! The new boss is indeed a black Mage general, Akyrum! There are a couple more updates including Evan and aran skill revamp and new maps, Past Leafre . In this post, I will be covering mostly on Akyrum. More will be covered in my next entry in a few days time.


Akyrum has been added into the expedition as a new boss! You can now fight the Black Magician’s General Akyrum! Akyrum drops the dominator pendant, as well as the Immortal set and Eternal hero set. Shard of twisted time can also be obtained from him. It is a scroll which can be used on the Dominator pendant.


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