MapleSEA Premium Mini Dungeon

From 31st October 2012 till 14th November 2012, Premium Mini Dungeon (PMD) is back with better rewards and even more EXP bonus!  Hence, I decided to give it a shot to see what I can obtain. There is a catch though, as you have to buy one of these Maple Mini Dungeon Ticket image in order to enter, for 2k @cash.
What are the features of Premium Mini Dungeon?

• Requirement level : Level 1 ~ Lv 200
• Over 11 Dungeon Maps!
• Various weapons and boxes drop
• Many Chairs drop too!


Monsters in the Premium Mini Dungeon drop  Clover coins image, and it can be changed for several items from NPC Rechanuni image at the entrance of the Mini Dungeon. However, the drop rate of Clover coins is so rare that it is impossible to obtain an item from the shop… (I had 0 coins on my run)





















Well, the time limit is 25 minutes, and within that time, you have to hunt as much as you can get. I did my Premium Mini Dungeon run at the Skeleton map in Leafre, and it was not a bad run considering I obtained a few chairs. Most people run this for the loot, but some do actually run for the EXP (not a good levelling place though) and that will require a party to maximise the EXP gained. Read on to find out the items which I received from PMD!



Premium Mini Dungeon
Kill Counts EXP BONUS
0~100 kill counts ~
101~200 kill counts 110%
201~300 kill counts 120%
301~400 kill counts 130%
401~500 kill counts 140%
501~ kill counts 150%


















At the end of my run, these were the items that I obtained :

2 Silver Clover Sword

1 Golden Clover Nibleheim

1 Golden Clover Blindess

6 PMD Consume Item Box > 15 Power Elixir, 5 Onyx Apple, 5 Mana Elixir, 5 Power Up Drink

1 Golden Clover Weapon Box > Golden Clover Tabarzin

1 PMD Propensity Item Box > Hair Wax (increases ambition by 5)

Lucky Shield Scroll 60%

Scroll for 2H BW for ACC 10%

Balrog Chair

Yellow Chair

A Chair of love

The Great Horned Tail


I am pretty upset with the drop rate of the Clover coins though. What is the point of having a shop to exchange items for Clover coins when you cannot even hit that amount?? 1 coin per 4 run?? That is absolutely atrocious..

Anyway, what items did you guys obtain? Tell me in the comments section 🙂


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